July 18, 2012

Sarah & Ian ~ July 14, 2012


11 years! Now that’s a long time! This is how long Sarah & Ian have been together for… how long their parents have been waiting for this big day for lol!. Since those early days in high school, setting off in the summers  to work at a Camp (that unfortunately I can’t quite remember the name of right now) to make the friends of a lifetime and a ton of memories, and then later trucking their way up to Thunder Bay for school only to be followed by heading out West to work. All of this done together! I guess it’s a bit of an understatement to say that these two have been through a lot with one another. By the end of the night and after listening to this couples friends and family speak I had a real appreciation for how committed Sarah & Ian have been and will continue to be over the years to come. I also gained a certain respect for the amount of patience Sarah & Ian’s parents have had waiting on this day to come!

It’s hard to sum up a wedding this beautiful in just a few sentences, but let me just say that by the time I left the Brantford Golf and Country Club on Saturday night we really felt so content and in love with this beautiful couple. It’s not only because they are in fact beautiful, but because they are kind, lovely and genuine people that make you feel like part of their family. They are also super funny which I just love! It certainly felt that we had made some new friends by the time we left.

I had such a great time photographing again at the Brantford Golf & Country Club and love the intense landscapes and backdrops it provides. The day went so smoothly… except perhaps for the bride and groom being slightly late for dessert as I just had to sneak them out at sunset for a few more shots! The groups of guests that we met through the evening were truly a pleasure – whether from Brantford, Thunder Bay, or the Camp crowd, the entire gang had me entertained the entire evening and my stomach may have hurt a bit on Sunday morning from laughing so hard… particularly at some of the speech moments.

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s days like these that remind me how incredibly blessed I am to do what I love and to work with awesome, incredible people like Sarah & Ian. The two of you have been such a blessing and the way that you, and your family welcomed Cherish & I into this special day is unforgettable. I am so grateful! I hope you have a simply fabulous honeymoon guys and I can barely wait to hear about the rest of your evening on Saturday.


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