1. Do your packages include 2 Photographers? All of my wedding packages include an Assistant/Second Shooter. I don’t call them a Second Photographer because they are not officially a “Photographer”. My Assistants are often Photography Students, or people that are very interested in Photography and are in the beginning stages of starting their own business. On occasion I do hire on some of the Photographers that used to work for me, but now run businesses of their own as well.
  2. Are the digital images that we receive edited? The majority of the time that is included in a wedding package for me is the post-processing (editing) time. This is definitely a factor in how my packages are priced. For a full day of coverage I will often end up providing somewhere from 600-1000 finished images. All of these are entirely edited for colour balance, exposure, blemishes, etc. In addition to this, I also include multiple copies of many of the images with various special/artistic effects on them. I would just not be comfortable providing unfinished images to any of my clients. I feel that even if an image looks perfect out of the camera, sometimes a simple change in contrast, or small adjustment can make it look even better. I want my clients to go through the images the first time feeling that they are perfect! On a business perspective, I could not compromise showing my small adjustment can make it look even better. I want my clients to go through the images the first time feeling that they are perfect! On a business perspective, I could not compromise showing my clients anything less than what I would be totally satisfied with. I believe this is just part of providing a full and professional service
  3. Are the digital images provided in High Resolution? Yes, absolutely! You will received jpg images as your final images and they will be the same size images that I archive. You should have no issues blowing these images up to a 30” x 40” print. We do also provide you with a low resolution copy of all the images which is more suitable for web use, facebook, emailing, etc. but we strongly advise to only use the High Resolution images for any prints.
  4. What format are the finished images provided in? Although I always shoot in RAW for best results, the finished images are provided to you as JPG images as these are this is the most commonly recognized and usable format. We most commonly provide all of the images to you on flash drives/USB drives, or on DVD.
  5. What kind of equipment do you use? I only use Canon professional level camera’s, flashes and lenses.
  6. How much time will we need for photos? We typically ask to begin your ‘getting ready’ photos at least 2 hours before your ceremony time especially if we are covering both the bride and the groom getting ready. For formal photo time we ask that you plan for 2 hours of time from the time that the ceremony is finished to the time that you need to be back to the reception. This gives us a bit of ‘wiggle-room’ if things run a bit behind and for traveling to our location(s).
  7. What is our editing style? Do you include a lot of special effects? My style is clean, crisp, and solid color balance. I do not like my images to look over-processed. I do flip many of the image to black & white ad these would be saved as duplicates of your colour image. We always include basic touch-ups and enhancements. We will provide a handful of images with some artistic effects (i.e. vintage toning, high contrast black & whites, vignettes, texturing, etc.), but the goal of my photography is to be as true as possible to the day. I want your pictures to be timeless and I feel that a lot of the current post-processing methods will soon look dated.
  8. Can I upgrade my package at a later date to include additional items such as albums, prints, thank you cards, etc.? Of course! You can always add items onto your wedding package at any time before or after the wedding. These additional prints, albums, thank you cards, or other items may be ordered after the wedding, but will be at an additional cost to the original agreement and will be based on the current Splash Photography pricing list.
  9. Should we do an engagement shoot? An engagement session is a fantastic way for us to get to know each other and it’s great practice for the wedding. The truth is that the more comfortable you feel in front of the camera on your wedding day, the better your photos will turn out. An engagement session also gives you the opportunity to review some photos of yourself before the wedding giving you a chance to share whether their are any specific angles, expressions, styles etc. that you are really not a fan of. Knowing these types of things ahead of time helps us to use our time most effectively on the wedding day. There are so many great uses for the engagement photos. Many clients choose to design a custom guest book for their guests to sign on their wedding day, some use the photos for their invitations, menus, save the date cards, or enlargements for their walls.
  10. Do we need to arrange for photo permits and indoor locations for the wedding day? Yes… The studio is not responsible for booking an indoor location for you should there be poor weather. This is your responsibility and should be done well in advance. If a permit is required for your chosen picture location it is the responsibility of the bride and groom to ensure that the appropriate permits have been arranged and paid for prior to the wedding date.
  11. How many proofs can we expect with our wedding photos? Typically I guarantee that you will get a minimum of 50 proof for every hour that I am at your wedding, so for 8 hours you would be looking at a MINIMUM of 400 original colour proofs that have been edited for colour corrections, and blemishes. However there will be additional copies of these included… images that have been flipped to black & white, or have been provided with special effects, etc. I normally go over the 50 per hour number, but it is a number I feel confident guaranteeing. I’d much rather exceed your expectations in the end with additional images than fall short of the number your expecting. I do not limit the number of images I take during the day in any way, but I also do not want to provide so many images that it is crazy overwhelming for you to go through them all!
  12. Are we involved in the design of our wedding album? In designing your wedding album, I normally offer you a couple of options. One option is that I will ask you to send me a list of your favorite photos (20-60) you would like incorporated in the album and I will work from these photos pulling in others for flow as I need to. I then upload all of the images to my online gallery album proofing section where my clients would be able to proof each spread and approve or request revisions if you want changes. Once the album is approved, I submit everything electronically to the lab in Italy and in about 4-6 weeks the album appears at my doorstep… magically lol! Another option that some of my clients prefer on occasion is for me to design the entire album on my own. Sometimes this helps to just get things rolling a bit quicker as it can be overwhelming for some of my clients narrow in on the photos they would like in the album. Proofing the album would still happen in the same manner as mentioned above.
  13. When can we expect delivery of our wedding proofs after the wedding? Typically your wedding proofs are ready for viewing 3 to 4 weeks from your wedding date.
  14. Do you photograph Destination Weddings and how does this work? Yes… we love destination weddings and typically shoot 1-2 annually. We do require that the flight and accommodations for the Photographer be arranged and paid for by the client. Noting that there is an added expense to our clients in covering the travel and accommodation costs, we attempt to level this out by significantly discounting destination weddings from our regular wedding rates. Destination wedding packages offer full coverage on your wedding day and a complimentary “Trash The Dress” Session on the day (or one of the days) following the wedding. The cost for the coverage of your Wedding and Trash The Dress coverage begins at $1200.00. You walk away from this experience with  all of your images provided digitally in high resolution for both the Wedding and Trash The Dress Session and we provide a print release with these.
  15. How much do you charge for each additional hour of coverage if we need to add time on? $200 per hour plus HST.
  16. Why do your prints cost more than I would pay elsewhere? Our high-end prints & canvas art are processed on professional paper, they are colour balanced and of archival quality. Each print is mounted on matt board and ready for framing. These prints go through a chemical and professional process to ensure you are getting quality you can count on. You will see AND feel the value in these products.
  17. Where is your office & studio located? We are located in Port Dover Ontario ,but we regularly work in the Hamilton. Burlington, Oakville, Brantford, Woodstock, and Haldimand-Norfolk and Oxford counties. We do travel for weddings if requested and have been as far as Jamaica & Punta Cana!
  18. What do we need to do to book? If you feel fairly confident that you might like to book with Splash Photography (YAY!!!!), I would just love to meet with you personally to go over all the details and requirements of your day and build your perfect wedding package. E-mail me at info@splashphotography.ca, or call me at (289) 439-2931 to set up a time for us to get together. If I’m still available for your date I am happy to hold your date for a week or so until we have had a chance to meet, but the date is not considered ‘booked’ until I have a signed Photography Agreement and/or retainer fee/deposit. Our wedding dates in peak season tend to book about a year in advance, so please don’t delay to avoid any disappointment!
  19. Do your prices include taxes/HST? Unfortunately, the prices you see in this package and on our website are the prices before HST. HST will be added on to these prices/your package price at 13%.
  20. What if I have other questions that are not on this list? No problem! E-mail Andrea at info@splashphotography.ca, or call at (289) 439-2931. I am happy to discuss any other questions you may have any time!