March 19, 2015

Professional Headshots… with a Twist! Angela from Embodies Healing

Modern Beauty

I had such a great time getting to know Angela. She is a professional, yet fun-loving and hope filled young woman that is an inspiration for young entrepreneurs and just women in general. Angela is incredibly knowledgeable in her field with a impressive amount of experience for someone her age. Her new business has now launched and I’m excited to share a bit about it here on the blog.

Angela Herzog is a Trauma Specialist with 10 years of working in the Social Service Field with various populations. Her practice is called Embodied Healing and offers a safe and compassionate, therapeutic experience that expands on traditional talk therapies as it invites a more holistic approach through engaging the body.

Angela blends Somatic Experiencing with various approaches, including, Focusing-Oriented Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy and Art Therapy. Her areas on specialty are emotional trauma, abuse, bullying, belittling, boundary violation, loss, vicarious trauma, relational conflict, divorce, job loss ,life transitions, burn out, physical trauma, sexual assault, rape, motor vehicle accidents, falls, surgery, depression, anxiety, PTSD, high stress, grief, low self esteem, lack of boundaries, passivity, anger management, identity crisis, spiritual crisis….

Angela and Embodied Healing will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan and find the right balance for you between talk and body-oriented therapy so you can return to your natural vitality and engage life.

Thank you so much Angela for the opportunity to take these new professional photos of you. You shine and I don’t think there is any woman I know that would’t benefit from spending some time with you. I wish you all the success possible with your new endeavour. I know you have great things ahead!

For more information about Angel and to find out more about her wealth of services, visit her website at, or email Angela today to find out how to move forward in your embodied healing at



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