December 30, 2017

Welcome 2018 & My New Years Resolutions


Is 2017 over yet??? Because I’m itching for this new year, like I’ve been enthusiastically counting the days! Let me say that 2017 brought me many amazing memories and so many special moments that I would never forego. 2017 brought my family and I closer than ever. I’ve made some of the most amazing and meaningful friendships, and I refocused my life realizing through the toughest of circumstances just how important it is to embrace myself and my time, to be true to my heart and faithful to the Lord, and to align my goals with my inner joys. 2017 also brought some very difficult times forcing me to give up the control I thought I had, and teaching me to say goodbye. I’ve learned and grown a ton this year and am grateful for every day that I was given, but honestly in some ways I’m also saying, “Hey 2017, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” So here we go, new year, new day, new resolutions! Keep scrolling to hear all about them!

With the new year around the corner (like literally, it’s tomorrow) it’s definitely time to start putting those New Year’s resolutions out there. It’s time to start talking about making them, breaking them, and getting some tips on how to keep them. This year I want to share my New Year’s resolutions… all 12 of them. WHAT?! Did I say twelve!!??! You bet I did! I’m trusting myself this year to implement these little actions in my life. I even have a new system in place to keep me accountable, and guess what – I’ve already started the system and the resolutions (insert applause here). I guess I just don’t really buy that you have to wait until the new year to begin something new. Every day is a fresh start in my mind. I’ve committed to these new behaviours and I figured, hey… why wait to get started? I’m raring to go! So instead of waiting, most of these resolutions became effective for me last week :).

So last week I went through and started setting up my bullet journal for 2018. Page 24 to 25 outlines my 2018 ‘Goals’ & ‘Resolutions’. Oh yeah, look out future self, I’ve written them down and am ready to check in with them regularly.

I list my resolutions as the simple habits & behaviour changes I want to commit to in the every day. So, here goes nothing!

  1. Never sleep with my phone in my room. This should be easy honestly as I can probably count the number of times I’ve slept with my phone in my room on one hand, but I have done it a couple of times this past year. Recently, I listened to a podcast that outlined how bad it is for people to sleep with their phones beside them. It promotes broken, distracted sleep patterns, and promotes constant connection with outsiders even in our most intimate of spaces. It’s just not a good habit, so I’m staying clear of that one.
  2. Be up and out of bed no later than 7am every day. Time has not always been on my side. Most days I am up before 7am… sometimes before 6am sadly :(. But on those occasional days that I wake a little late, I can be a complete bear to my family and myself. I feel like I start the day off playing catch up. I have a shot fuse with my kiddos, and it seriously starts my day off on a bad note. So I figure that if I intentionally get my butt out of bed and start my day early, I will promote a better day not only for myself, but also for my entire family!
  3. Spend my first 2 hours of every day as ‘phone-free’ hours. Mel Robbins outlines that research shows that your first 2 hours of your day are your best hours of the day. I don’t want to compromise that time. My best time of day should be used for my best work, my best relationship building, my best me time.
  4. Deactivate my personal Facebook account. For those that don’t know I took about a 20 month hiatus from my Facebook personal page a couple of years ago, BUT I recently reunited myself with the social monster. It hasn’t taken long to come to the conclusion that having a Facebook account doesn’t bring any substantial value to my life. If anything this meaningless and often mindless activity of scrolling Facebook has proved to be a huge waste of my time (which I’m recognizing is incredibly valuable) and it’s also been hindering me for reaching my full potential and striving for my goals.
  5. Spend the last 15-30 minutes before bed planning the next day, outlining my tasks, goals, interactions, and appointments. I want to start each day with some intention. If I wake up not knowing what I need to accomplish I often end up distracted and feeling unaccomplished at the end of the day.
  6. Take up bullet journaling. More to come on this awesome new journaling experience that I’ve taken up, BUT let me just say it’s changing my world!!
  7. Be intentional and plan out my monthly social media posting for my business.
  8. Commit to being at Church more consistently and find ways to serve better in my church this year. When I live my life daily in God’s word I just find life so much more peaceful and purposeful. I’ve been missing this connection and long to strengthen it again.
  9. Physical wellness sessions at least 4x per week. As I’m approaching a benchmark age (eehmm, 40). I’m realizing how important it is that I keep active, so that I can always maintain the type of lifestyle that I want. I love physical activity, but it’s so easy to get away from this at times. Whether it be Crossfit, yoga, running, fitness class, I want to be sure I’m getting to it at least 4 times a week.
  10. Get back in control of my terrible potty – mouth. A few years ago, I never said a swear word. They just didn’t even come out of my mouth, but man, did something ever happen over the last year or two. This old vocabulary gradually started becoming more familiar on my and lately I catch myself constantly wishing I would have bit my tongue. It’s gotta stop!
  11. Minimize & Declutter – This year I’m trying to take things out of my life that aren’t serving me well. So often I think if somethings not working well for me I just need to buy this, or try using that instead. Honestly, I have too much stuff that isn’t useful and just ends up clouding my life. I want to try taking some things away, rather than always adding things in or on. Keep it simple and basic if you will.
  12. Last, but not least… I want to make a huge effort to start carrying my big girl camera with me more often, so that I can take more beautiful personal photos of this lovely life of mine. This may mean that a girl needs to get a new camera purse… I think I’m liking this resolution best right now because it involves not only shopping, but shopping for purses – two of my favourite things haha!

In addition to all these resolutions, I also have a list of goals I’m striving for in 2018. There are things I want to accomplish or start offering, personal dreams of how I want to spend my downtime, changes in services I use, etc. I wont get into the nitty gritty of all that here because I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that’s gonna find that list super sexy. But lets just sum to up by saying it includes teaching, books, accounting, and outsourcing. I guess this list is pretty sexy after all, right??!!!

Thanks for sticking it out friends and by reading my resolutions here I want you to know that you are now responsible for holding me accountable. So here I am asking you to CALL ME OUT if I’m falling off the wagon friends! I need you to help make these resolutions happen!

Lastly, everything is better when we share, so my friends… tell me what’s on your resolution list! Comment below or comment thought Facebook, or Instagram. I’ll be seeing you in 2018 peeps!

And just for kicks here are few pics of my boys and of me on the job too.

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Sarah Legault : 09:57 December 31, 2017
I love this Andrea thanks so much for sharing . You resolution are so real and very much achievable. We often get so caught up in “ life “ that we forget to really “ live” it and appreciate all the precious moments .youve inspired me to write a list as well, I won’t be as brave as you and share it but it’ll be for mY eyes only and I’ll only be cheating myself if I don’t fulfil it . I wish you an amazing 2018 and my heart tells me it’s going to be a good one for you, and your beautiful family . cheers to positive change x
Sandra DaSilva : 11:55 December 31, 2017
I always enjoy reading your blogs, Andrea, this one in particular because it motivated me to also make a New Years resolution list. I’ll be adding your resolution numbers 5, 8, 9, (and maybe 10) to my list. Your resolution on Bullet Journaling sounds very interesting and I’ll look forward to hearing more about it! Cheers to New Beginnings!
Andrea : 21:48 December 31, 2017
Thanks so much Sandra! I love that you take the time to read them so much:). I live that we share some of the same resolutions! I will definitely fill you in on my Bullet Journalling endeavours the next time we chat?! Happy New Year friend!
Andrea : 22:07 December 31, 2017
Thanks so much Sarah! You are honestly too sweet to put into are always so encouraging and just such a beautiful human being??. Thanks for being you:).

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