October 11, 2014

Marnie & Brad ~ Ancaster Old Mill Wedding ~ October 3, 2014


Marnie told one of her best friends that her life was perfect… the only things she was missing was a partner to share her life, someone she could fall madly in love with. Then along came Brad. It was a blind date, which initially frightened Marnie a bit, as I’m sure it did Brad as well. But from the moment they met something sparked in them. The conversation flowed effortlessly and the memory making began. Marnie & Brad had waited a long time to find their ‘other half’, but truly somethings are just worth the wait. Brad and Marnie are perfectly matched. Although they have some obvious differences, they love the adventure that life brings them. They take advantage of the moments they spend together in their unique ways and make so many memories that are truly unique.

Brad proposed to Marnie dressed up as a Knight riding a horse into the living room. Marnie was totally taken aback, but Brad quickly recited a poem he had written and with tears of happiness filling her eyes, Marnie said “YES!” Marnie is so in love with Brad it’s makes my heart swell. Brad looks to Marnie in constant awe of her and it’s so easy to see he feels the exact same way. Their Ancaster Old Mill Wedding was simply perfect for them.

Marnie & Brad, this was truly such a unique wedding for me. I adored all the priceless elements that made the day your own… the chartered Trolley bus, the Wonder Woman & Superman wings, the elements of red, and the memories of your passed loved ones. I am grateful for being a part of this next beautiful memory in your lives. Thank you for welcoming me and Shannon into your day and showing us that fairytales really do come true 🙂



Please click the “Play” button below to see a slideshow of Marnie & Brad’s wedding day.


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