August 13, 2016

Kyle & Emily ~ Ottercreek Golf Club Wedding ~ August 6, 2016


Emily & Kyle are just like a refreshing glass of ice water on a hot summer’s day! They just satisfy the soul, quench your inner thirst and leave you feeling all fulfilled after spending a day with them. The gorgeous couple from Delhi Ontario celebrated the most beautiful wedding on August 6th, 2016 at Ottercreek Golf Club in Otterville. The perfect and joy-filled ceremony took place a few hours earlier at the Out Lady Queen of Martyrs Catholic Church in Delhi, which was incredibly fitting seeing as Kyle and Emily grew up and met while attending schools in the Delhi area. Although there is a little bit of discussion over their true first encounter (was it on the soccer field, or on the school bus!?!), one thing is certain… Kyle and Emily were destined to find each other, fall in love and become one of the most beautiful married couples that one’s heart can tolerate. The way these two fill up the room with their humble, yet shinning presence is too good to be true.

We were thrilled to share this lovely day with such a wonderful couple. Two teachers with a big heart for children, and genuine smiles that get you right into your soul. I am so very blessed to have shared in this lovely, fresh and fun wedding day. I am grateful for the beautiful welcome into Emily and Kyle’s parent’s homes in the morning to capture some of the perfect early moments. The kind, and hospitable nature of the couple can be seen right through to their beautiful, loving families.

Kyle & Emily, Thank you for sharing this stunning and fulfilling day with us! We love you guys through and through!







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