July 30, 2014

Kim & Brandon ~ Delhi German Home Wedding ~ July 25, 2014


For Kim & Brandon the sparks ignited at an auction sale… yes, love happens everywhere! It was so sweet to listen to both their father’s accounts of the day that would bring these two together as a couple. The constant chatter between the two of them, the giggling (from Kim for the most part I’m sure, although Brandon loves to laugh as well). The auction sale was Kim’s dad’s sale, and Brandon and his dad ended up being the last ones to leave.

Kim’s incredible smile that comes right from the heart mixed with Brandon’s kind and compassionate nature makes them the perfect match. They are lovely together… they laugh often, and never stop smiling at each other. They are truly one another’s best friend.

I met Brandon at his family farm in Walsingham on Friday morning. He and the groomsmen were all set when I got there and we were able to jump right into some group shots. I’ve got to say that having a bunch of teachers in a wedding party is a great help for keeping things on time and organized… we were actually ahead of schedule which is a unlikely event on a wedding day!! After wrapping up at Brandon’s farm, we made our way to Kim’s parents home where make-up was just finished up and dresses were quickly getting slipped into. I fell in love with Kim’s father’s sweet ride of a car, so we definitely had to incorporate it in a few photos while we were there.

After the perfect ceremony at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Parish in Delhi, we took some photos at Quance Dam and then went back to Brandon’s farm for just a few more. The reception was a flurry of activity back at the Delhi German Home when we arrived. The group of guests was having such a great time and the hall filled with conversation and laughter. I’m still laughing out loud at Brandon’s speech. His comedic timing and perfect tone for each story was unforgettable.

Such an amazing day and I am so very grateful for being a part of it :). Thank you, thank you, thank you Kim & Brandon for such an amazing day on Friday. We LOVED everything about your day and had so much fun with you. Can’t wait to show you more, but for now here is a good peek into you wedding day photos.


Click on the play button below to see a slideshow of Kim & Brandon’s wedding day!


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