More and more, we find customers giving utmost importance to their digital files. They often only require the delivery of the photos on a USB, or via an online gallery. We think of the immediate time we are in and the immediate need.

There is no argument that the digital age we are in is evolving daily. It wasn’t long ago we were awed by the floppy disk, music cassettes over records, CD’s, and even DVD’s are becoming a thing of the past. All of these are quickly becoming “unreadable” by the latest computers and devices. Electronic devices that used to read those formats are disappearing, and the media has been abandoned and replaced by something newer.

It’s a bit sad to realize that the vast majority of photographs taken today will not ever be printed. The truth is that the best way to truly view and enjoy a photograph over time as a piece of personal artwork if through print. A photographic print has beauty, has a soul, and fully expresses emotions. A digital file fails here. Photography today has become synonymous with social media and selfies. The majority thinks only to upload their photos on facebook allowing strangers to look into our lives for a moment in time.

Although today may seem like just a collection of photos, photo albums become the guardian of memories… a real time machine that is capable of bringing you into the past, reliving real emotions that bring laughter or tears. The prints in an album are an important part of the history of a family. These are the treasures that will be looked at and commented on even decades after the time the photos were taken.

The photo album is a book and books have stood the test of time. They may get dusty and sometimes they are heavy, but they are historical references of real lives.

Every one of our custom designed albums tell your unique story. Printed on beautiful fine art paper and hand bound, they are the best way to remember your most important life events. One day this book may be the only thing you have left from your wedding day. They will be passed on and admired infinitely.

Fine art wedding albums start at $695.