May 16, 2017

My Favourite Things ~ May 2017 List

Favorite Things

“If we had a pet duck we’d be the best family ever!” This is the style of wisdom that comes from my 4 year old on a regular basis. Who knew he was so fond of ducks?!

On that note, here is my “A few of my favourite things” list for May 2017.

Nylon running socks – Yup, socks! I seriously missed out on these for way too long and suffered from painful blisters on my toes regularly. Then one day I finally approached Scot from Northshore Runners here in Port Dover. It was a simple as picking up a few new pairs of socks! With my running season back in full force again, I’m looking forward to adding to my collection of colourful nylon socks and hitting the pavement more often (painlessly) this spring/summer/fall!


Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil – It was a little over a year ago I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils through my friend Melissa (a fellow Photographer of course). I fell in love with the awesome array of natural plant derived oils and the health benefits that they provided. I ended up purchasing a bunch and actually signed up as a distributer strictly to satisfy my own essential oil obsession that was forming. One of my ‘go to’ essential oils has come to be Lavender. I love that it’s affordable (approx. $30/15ml) and has SOOO many uses. I use it as part of my daily skin care program every day, add a drop or two to my mascara for fuller lashes, it’s great for sunburns, bruises, helps with relaxation and sleeping habits, and the list goes on and on.


Day Designer Planner – This planner has changed my life! That might sounds a little dramatic, but hey… it’s a pretty awesome planner. I feel more in control of my days and my goals. I don’t forget to do things like I used to. I can count on my lists and schedules and time slots. And best of all, the planner is super cute and functional. If you are a busy mom or an entrepreneur I would HIGHLY recommend this fab planner! The pages are broken down in time segments and to-do lists for each day, along with daily dinner planner, spending, a motivational quote for each day, and a daily gratitude note! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Mophie Phone Case – A past wedding client (thanks Billy!) arrived to pick up his wedding photos with his beautiful bride last summer and introduced me to his “Mophie”. Yes, it’s a strange name, but a memorable one. I remembered the case and was intrigued by the benefits of having a fully charged iPhone even when that “Low Battery” warning prompted.  Within days I was out purchasing my very own Mophie. It’s a brilliant phone case that works like a dream. The phone slides in and I never worry about a low battery charge anymore! I make it part of my routine to plug my phone in every night before I go to bed and the Mophie case charges AT THE SAME TIME as my phone charges. Then, when that nasty ‘Low Battery’ prompt appears, I turn on my Mophie and BAM! My iPhone is charging back up in no time :)! Best purchase ever!!!



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