January 19, 2018

Derek & Katrina ~ Ingersoll Engagement Photography


So, I’m typically a bit of a planner. I like my time to be organized and to have an outline of what to expect each day before I hit my pillow the night before. “Impromptu” isn’t one of my biggest strengths. It’s an area I often have to push myself into a little, but honestly I’m often so glad I did. Such was the case this past Tuesday morning when I received a phone call from Katrina.

Katrina and I had been communicating through email for a while about her upcoming marriage to Derek. We discussed getting together to book their date, and the importance of making the engagement session happen sooner than later, and hopefully in a snowy, winter scene. With the weather looking like the snow may melt this coming week, Katrina contacted me on a whim on Monday night to see if we could make the engagement session happen withe the fresh snowfall of Tuesday morning. Fortunately all the pieces came together and we were all outside in a gorgeous snowfall getting some lovely winter photos in Ingersoll for their engagement photos.

I normally have a chance to meet clients prior to their engagement session, but when the perfect circumstances line up like this, sometimes we just have to take advantage of it and make it happen! I’m so glad we did!


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