December 14, 2014

Chantal & Jacob ~ Pillar & Post Wedding ~ Niagara On The Lake ~ December 6, 2014


Chantal & Jacob have the sweet story of the girl/boy next door :). Jacob bought the house next to Chantal’s parents a few years back and in time would meet Sherry & Rob’s daughter, a stunning brunette with a smile that could light any room. Chantal would also find it difficult not to notice the guy next store… the one with the charming smile and the generous heart. It’s truly a story of perfect timing and perfect love.

Chantal & Jake had a perfectly beautiful December day for their wedding…. not too chilly and just a little bit of sunshine. We met Jake at the Pillar & Post in Niagara on the Lake and the ease and calm in the air was awesome. Jake and the gentlemen effortlessly slipped on their ties and jackets and after a few photos they made their way to St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church in Niagara on the Lake to greet the wedding guests upon arrival. Chantal and Amber & Kelsey were just  simply chillin’ out when we arrived at their suite. The girls were sitting in their comfy, silky pants and sweaters nestled up on a sofa sharing stories.  We quickly got them moving though, and in what seemed like only moments, Chantal was in her dress and ready to walk down the aisle.

The day unfolded beautifully and the Pillar and Post venue was decorated so lovely for Christmas. It seemed that every corner made for a perfect photo. One of my favourite elements to Chantal & Jacob’s day was that they took a moment right after the ceremony for just the two of them. They jumped in the limo and went for a quick drive and then met me for a few photos of (again) just the two of them. I think that remembering to take a few minutes on this busy day for yourselves is so important. There is so much excitement, and people pulling you in many directions… it’s great to take some time and make a memory for yourselves, and to remember what the day is truly about – your love for each other and the awesome commitment you just made to one another.

Chantal & Jacob, Thank you!! I am SO very grateful for being able to share in this day. Your love and hearts for each other is so genuinely honest and true, and it’s the kind of love I hope my kids will find one day… true, unending, selfless, generous, thoughtful and adoring. I wish you only the very, very best in the years ahead.



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