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Tyler & Ashley ~ Tiffany Falls Engagement Session ~ August 14, 2014

Things started off a little rocky (pun intended) for me with Ashley & Tyler’s engagement session. I have to admit that I got caught up in a nightmare of traffic and I was late arriving (for the first time since I can remember), which is never a great way to start off a shoot, but luckily I was able to call Ashley ahead to give her the heads up that I would be a few minutes behind. They graciously accepted my apologies when I arrived and off we went into the depths of the Tiffany Falls to begin their engagement session.

Being a cooler than normal summer evening we had the falls all to ourselves for quite a while which was a treat and rarely happens when I venture into these spots. I was impressed by Tyler & Ashley’s willingness to kick off their shoes in the rocky ground and even hop into the water… on a regular summer’s evening it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but last night was chilly!!! Still they didn’t hesitate at the falls or at the lake.

I’m so excited to photograph Ashley & Tyler’s wedding this winter. They are one of those couples that makes me fall in love with my job all over again – so easy to photograph and so fun and playful with each other :). Here are some shots from our session last night!



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Theresa - Hi Ash and Tyler,
Congratulations on your engagement!
Your pictures turned out great!!!
Theresa and Gerry

Melissa & Ryan ~ August 9, 2014 ~ Whistling Gardens Wedding

Melissa’s friends seemed to know it from early on… that Ryan & Melissa would make the perfect match and could one day end up married. It may have taken a little longer for Ryan and Melissa to come to this realization, but it was inevitable. Even though they knew each other in high school, they’re romance didn’t ignite until much later on.

In December 2012, on the day the world was supposed to end of course (love this little tid-bit), Melissa was wrapping presents and was looking for a box for particular gift. Ryan tossed a little watch box over to Melissa and when she heard something rattle inside, she opened it and found an engagement ring. She asked “Is this real?!” referring to the proposal, not the diamond (although Ryan was confused for a moment) haha! And it was then that Ryan popped the question. Melissa of course said yes! After spending much time trying to get their puppy, Charly, to cooperate in carrying the ring over to Melissa, Ryan improvised with the simple request for a gift box:)

Melissa & Ryan’s wedding day would follow about a year and half later, this past Saturday, and it was a stunningly perfect day with beautiful weather, and a gorgeous venue for both the ceremony at Whistling Gardens and the reception at Ryan’s brother’s farm. They envisioned a casual and laid back day that was fun for all. One of the most important aspects of their wedding to them is that their guests just have a great time and from what I could see the goal was absolutely achieved!

I’m so excited to share some images from this beautiful day with Melissa & Ryan. They are such an admirable couple that has achieved so much together. Pulling together this beautiful outdoor wedding while finishing school, finding a home and working through all the other little curve balls life throws your way is a huge accomplishment and you two did it like it was no big deal. I’m so thankful to have been a part of this awesome day with you both, but even more-so to have had the opportunity to be a part of your lives. Here is a peek into your wedding photos:)C0230C0294C0348C0455C0526C0541C0627C0698C0789-2C0969C0982C1339C1379  Please click the “Play” button below to see a slideshow of images from Ryan & Melissa’s wedding day.  

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Sam & Kyle ~ August 3, 2014 ~ Whistling Gardens Wedding Photography

Sam & Kyle had a gorgeous day for their wedding this past Sunday at Whistling Gardens in Wilsonville. This gorgeous outdoor oasis of lush gardens and florals is a dream for endless walkways and backdrops for a wedding. There was just a little sprinkling of rain in the early morning hours on Sunday, but although we could hear a few rumbles of thunder nearby, we seemed to be in the perfect place for missing the storms. The sun was shinning beautifully and Sam & Kyle exchanged their vows in the beautiful white pillar gazebo.

A favorite moment from the wedding for me was those sweet flower girls and handsome ring bearer making their way down the aisle. Gracie & Jorga, Kyle & Sam’s daughters came first carrying signs that said “Daddy, here comes Mommy.” Behind them, Sam’s nieces Kailey & Lainey followed with another sign saying “Last chance to Run!”. And then, adorable Reese followed with the final sign saying “Has anyone seen the rings?” LOL! I loved this – it was totally unexpected for me and I found myself laughing aloud as I read the signs. The kids were so cute:)

After we wrapped up some photos at Whistling Gardens, the wedding party jumped in a row of tractors and drove off in a convoy down to Waterford. We made our way to Port Dover for a few quick lakefront shots afterwards and then back to the reception at the Port Dover Community Centre where the hall was custom decorated with all the rustic little trimmings that Sam & Kyle had envisioned for their evening.

Sam & Kyle… what a great day I had with you guys! Thanks so much for putting up with me and being patient with getting the photos completed for the day. Loved working with you both and all those adorable kiddies:)


Please click the “Play” button below to see a slideshow of Sam & Kyle’s wedding day !

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Kathleen & Mark ~ Beverly Golf & Country Club Wedding ~ July 26, 2014

Oh… the endearing story of Kathleen and Mark is one that makes you swoon with overwhelming love for their long lasting history together. Although they’ve been together for 10 years, they’ve known each other since they were 4 years old when they started attending the same school. Mark, being the older man of 5 years at the time was not likely so interested in getting to know the ladies at this point, but in highschool the attraction became undeniable and with just a time and encouragement from each other, the two began dating.

Now living in downtown Toronto, Kathleen and Mark love taking their baby (their puppy) Chelsea for walks, and heading out to a Blue Jays game or some other sporting event in the area. They flourish in their simple life they have built together and they laugh together often appreciating the goofy humor that they provide each other with. They truly make each other so happy and always seem to be having fun together.

Kathleen may be the most organized and goal-focused bride’s I’ve had the honour to work with yet. She personally made so many of the element throughout the wedding to make it all more personal and perfect for them. It was so evident all the hard work that Mark & Kathleen had put into the day was well worth it. This is the first time I have photographed a Beverly Golf & Country Club Wedding and it was stunning. Kathleen did not overlook one detail of the day.

After all these years, Kathleen & Mark finally made their commitment to each other official on this past Saturday at the Beverly Golf & Country Club in Ancaster. These two lovely people have waited so long for this day and the love surrounding them by their friends and family this past weekend was so awesome! I love that they were even able to incorporate their little Chelsea into moments of the day throughout the morning.

Kathleen & Mark, I am so blessed to have worked with you on this gorgeous wedding day of yours. Thank you so much for having me share with you and for being so darn irresitable!! I just love watching the two of you together… my heart is happy:)


Please click the “Play” button below to see a slideshow of images from Kathleen & Mark’s wedding day. (Turn up your volume too:))

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Kim & Brandon ~ Delhi German Home Wedding ~ July 25, 2014

For Kim & Brandon the sparks ignited at an auction sale… yes, love happens everywhere! It was so sweet to listen to both their father’s accounts of the day that would bring these two together as a couple. The constant chatter between the two of them, the giggling (from Kim for the most part I’m sure, although Brandon loves to laugh as well). The auction sale was Kim’s dad’s sale, and Brandon and his dad ended up being the last ones to leave.

Kim’s incredible smile that comes right from the heart mixed with Brandon’s kind and compassionate nature makes them the perfect match. They are lovely together… they laugh often, and never stop smiling at each other. They are truly one another’s best friend.

I met Brandon at his family farm in Walsingham on Friday morning. He and the groomsmen were all set when I got there and we were able to jump right into some group shots. I’ve got to say that having a bunch of teachers in a wedding party is a great help for keeping things on time and organized… we were actually ahead of schedule which is a unlikely event on a wedding day!! After wrapping up at Brandon’s farm, we made our way to Kim’s parents home where make-up was just finished up and dresses were quickly getting slipped into. I fell in love with Kim’s father’s sweet ride of a car, so we definitely had to incorporate it in a few photos while we were there.

After the perfect ceremony at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Parish in Delhi, we took some photos at Quance Dam and then went back to Brandon’s farm for just a few more. The reception was a flurry of activity back at the Delhi German Home when we arrived. The group of guests was having such a great time and the hall filled with conversation and laughter. I’m still laughing out loud at Brandon’s speech. His comedic timing and perfect tone for each story was unforgettable.

Such an amazing day and I am so very grateful for being a part of it :). Thank you, thank you, thank you Kim & Brandon for such an amazing day on Friday. We LOVED everything about your day and had so much fun with you. Can’t wait to show you more, but for now here is a good peek into you wedding day photos.


Click on the play button below to see a slideshow of Kim & Brandon’s wedding day!

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