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Jill & Paul ~ March 1, 2014 ~ Delhi Ontario Wedding

How do you not fall in love with Jill & Paul? These two have a story all their own that makes my heart so happy. They reassure me that good things really do come to those who wait, that love is always just around the corner, that laughter really is the best medicine, and at the end of the day a smile really can make a difference.

I met Jill and Paul several months back now, but immediately was pulled in by Jill’s contagious smile and Paul’s calm and cool demeanour. The seemed quite similar in some ways… both teachers, both from the same hometown, and both very hard workers… and in other ways they had qualities that were all their own. From sitting across from them for simply 1 hour discussing their wedding plans it was undeniable that these two were meant to be. A perfect match and a bit of a fairytale come true. My heart skipped a beat listening to Jill’s mom, Wendy, explain during her speech how Jill would come home in high school panting and fanning herself stating “Mom… I just saw Paul DePauw.” She was smitten since 9th grade and perhaps she always knew (or hoped)  that this good looking, chivalrous and kind-hearted man would one day be her man. Paul is a true gentleman and has a strong, charismatic presence. He exhibits the type of characteristics I’d hope for my boys to have one day… with the exception of the multiple bus accidents perhaps:)

Paul and Jill were married this past Saturday in Delhi at the Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Parish. After taking some photos at the Backstage Capital, I somehow convinced this gorgeous couple and their wedding party (in open toe shoes) to trudge into the snow for a couple of photos. (Thank You Guys!) What a great group of people!! Although it was cold, it was worth those couple of frozen-toe minutes to get some true Canadian Winter wedding photos!

Jill & Paul… well in case it isn’t obvious I’m grateful for having the chance to meet you and to share in this exquisite, perfect wedding day! You are an amazing couple surrounded by nothing but positive energy… it oozes from you! I’m crazy for the two of you and all you are together. I look forward to keeping in touch for many years to come!



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car bulb guide - Very nice captures and nice editing have a done good job.

The Gift of Lisa (X 2)

It was early 2011 when I was blessed to meet gorgeous Lisa. I fell in love with her warm heart, her stunning blue/green eyes and sweet, yet mischievous smile almost immediately. Lisa was, and still is, an immensely beautiful person. Lisa is genuine and kind, she is honest and encouraging. I feel that the friendship I have found in her has truly been a gift from God!

Since we initially met in 2011, Lisa & Dave gave me the gift of photographing their life thus far… their engagement photos (Dave even let me take photos of his car!), their beautiful wedding day, their gorgeous daughter Moxie, and now another session of just Lisa as a gift for her husband, and also a bit of a gift for herself. I love that Lisa decided to embrace her beautiful self at this time in her life by taking some photographs as keepsakes of the hot mamma she is:)

After the session, once Lisa had a chance to see her gallery, I got a note from her stating ‘Thanks for the photos :)  I really do love them… it’s nice to feel good about your body after having a baby, and the pictures really helped. I haven’t felt this good in a long time :).” This is so rewarding and the very essence of what these sessions are all about. So thank you Lisa for being such an amazing person and for reassuring me about the importance of these photo sessions. You are a gift to me!

What could make working with Lisa again even better…? Another Lisa! Lisa brought along her best friend, Lisa (I know, I know! This is getting confusing, isn’t it!) for the shoot and she too took some time to embrace her beautiful self! I didn’t know Lisa #2 quite as well as Lisa #1, but we had the chance to meet at Lisa #1‘s wedding a few years ago and I can see why these guys are such good friends. Let’s just say they have a lot of similar admirable qualities. I’m enjoying getting to know Lisa #2 better all the time :). I’m so thankful that you could come Lisa K. Your simply gorgeous and so much fun! This was such a great experience for me and I’m so glad that the two of you could make it a girls day out!


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Lisa - Hey Andrea!
I couldn’t agree with Lisa more. You come out of this photo shoot a different woman. You made me feel beautiful, sexy and confident. Sometimes you begin to lose sense of such things when you become too busy with work, family and life in general. Thank you so much for the experience…you definitely reminded me of such beauty! :)
I would definitely recommend this experience to everyone…you are the perfect photographer to help capture each and every woman’s beauty, both inside and out!
Thanks so so much again!
Lisa #2

Elyse & Nick ~ Caledonia Engagement Session ~ February 8, 2014

BRRRRR!  Okay, so now that I have that out of my system I can express better how much fun it was to work with Elyse & Nick  yesterday for their engagement session. Just in case you haven’t got the hint yet, let’s just say it was a little cold out there… okay, a lot cold out there. By the time I got in my car after we wrapped up I realized my pants were actually frozen to my boot HA! Elyse & Nick barely made mention of the cold though. They wanted their winter engagement session and they definitely got it!

We met up at the Train Station in Caledonia and made a few stops around the area from there. These two are a riot to spend time with. So funny to listen to them put each other right in their place… I’m not sure who is wittier here, but it’s so funny to watch them have fun joking around with each other. We had to wrap thing up with a snowball fight where Nick showed Elyse no mercy LOL! But only a few moments later Elyse would get him back good. The pictures should complete the story here:)

Thanks so much Elyse & Nick for braving the cold and being so much fun to be around. Looking forward to more fun and shenanigans to come in August!!


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Mom - Nick and Elyse,
I love these beautiful pictures.
Love mom

Jenna & Jeff ~ Hamilton Engagement Photos ~ January 14, 2014

It was their 3 year anniversary to the day when Jeff sent Jenna on this suspicious scavenger hunt around the city looking for balloons that would lead her to the next location. Jenna happily collected her clues and was somewhat oblivious to what this was all leading up to. She had just decided that Jeff, being his thoughtful self, was organizing a nice surprise lunch for the two of them for their anniversary. Eventually, Jeff’s clues would lead her to Princess Point in Hamilton where he would be waiting in top & tails with a Cracker Jack box. Inside the Cracker Jack box was Jenna’s engagement ring :). Obviously, as you can see here she said yes!

As Jenna and Jeff told me their engagement story I was thrilled at the uniqueness of the experience. Jeff is one creative guy and definitely a romantic that is crazy for his girl :). These two are so sweet together. Jeff actually made a ‘smitten’ for the two of them to wear at the session together, as well as a couple of headbands for Jenna… and they picked up some helium balloons for the shoot too. After taking a few photos at Bayfront Park in Hamilton we just had to make a stop to Princess Point to re-visit the location where the proposal took place! Can barely wait for their wedding this July!

Here’s a few of my favourites from their engagement session earlier this week!




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Joan McMann - What awesome pictures!!! Its hard to find a favourite one, but Im going to keep looking………….as Id like to have one. Congrats you two, as well as to your great photographer! See you soon. ?

Introducing Something New & Beautiful ~ Modern Beauty & Boudoir

Intrigued…? Let me start with a little tid-bit of a story that I hope will introduce and demonstrate why this new initiative is so important to me….

It was a few months ago when it hit me hard… someone I love dearly and one of the most beautiful people I know (on the inside, but also stunningly on the outside) made some comment like “ugh, I look bigger than I really am” while we flipped through a few photos of her that I thought were incredible. And then “I just wish I looked different” slipped out from her lips.

I couldn’t image how someone could look more beautiful than she did, yet here she was disgracing herself for the way she looked. What is wrong with us, I thought. Never mind the girl who simply can not see that she is breathtaking, but what about the people around her that are a little wider than her, or don’t have quite the chiseled features on their face… perhaps they even have an obvious scar. What about these people that only a few moments earlier thought they were doing okay with themselves and now are wondering what she must think of the way they look. Like maybe it’s not okay for me to be okay with the way I am?!

We live in this time… a time where women are glorified for their slim figures. Unfortunately, a woman’s curves are not appreciated like they once were. The gorgeous female figure historically was glamourized for the curvaceous features, yet today with everywhere we look we can’t help but see the obsession with being thin rather than voluptuously feminine and stunningly strong.

A huge shift has occurred in what a normal body type is… I barely recall the days when full bosoms and a round booty was a hot asset for all women. The bombshell figures of Marylin Monroe & Sofia Lauren used to be the most desired. What happened? And why? Why can’t woman be allowed to celebrate themselves just as they are? Why can’t we be empowered to be proud of what we have instead of always striving for something different, something that is not even genuinely who we really are. Why can’t we just love ourselves?!!

The whole female self image topic we deal with today honestly makes me want to throw-up! But instead of throwing-up (yuck!), I’m sending out an invitation, a challenge if you will… Be your own example of BEAUTIFUL! Stop looking at everyone else and just start loving yourself. You were divinely and uniquely made and there is no other you, not one person that is even close to you out there! One thing is certain, you – you know that true essence of you that lives inside your heart & soul – that will remain through all your joys, sorrows, heartaches and highs in you’re life. Sure we can change our attitude or appearance with clothing, hair dye, makeup, etc., but at the end of the day if you’re really honest with yourself it’s that joy-filled heart that you were given as a baby, the one that creates the true essence of everything you are that is truly you in your rawest form. It’s that same heart and soul that you will leave this world with one day. That beautiful light of a person that you have always been is still in there whether your 9 months or 90, so if you’ve been having a hard time trying to find it lately just try and trust your heart that you are just as you should be.

I pray for change for all of us… Women need to be celebrated for what beauty they encapsulate regardless of their size, their physical build, their age, their scars and their personal pitfalls. I URGE you (yes YOU!) to embrace your beautiful self! No matter how old, tall, short, petite, or curvy you are… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

With all of this in mind, I’ve decided to open up a new photography endeavour with Splash that is all about celebrating yourself and your unique journey. It’s the Modern Beauty or Boudoir Photo Shoot. This private photo shoot is more than any regular photo session. It’s a transformation and a celebration of everything that makes you uniquely beautiful… your confidence, your journey, your playfulness, and your inner goddess (if you will). Complete with full and tasteful direction from me (Andrea, your Photographer), pampering of hair and make-up if you so desire it, laughter, perhaps some music and maybe even a glass of wine, this experience is all about empowering and embracing you… just as you are.

For more information, or to book a session visit the website for samples of work and investment information. I will taking on a limited amount of these sessions per month, so please book early!

 ”To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde








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debramacinnis - I’m 59 soon and I like the way you think. You did my son Rob and amber chamberlains wedding and I would love to talk about what you are offering. I am free wed. Aternoons usually.