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Carly & Cam ~ Port Dover Engagement ~ July 10, 2014

It was so exciting to hear from Cam & Carly back in the winter. Carly shot me off a note letting me know that Cam and her had become engaged and that they were interested in having me photograph their engagement and wedding photos! I was a bit giddy about the opportunity. Cam’s sister’s have both blessed me with the opportunity of photographing their weddings… Miranda in 2010 and Charmaine in 2011. Both weddings were so much fun to photograph, and working with this family again is going to be so sweet!

Cam & Carly came out to the lake for a Port Dover Engagement session. I’ve enjoyed shooting so close to home these past few weeks, and always seem to find brand new little areas to photograph in. Cam & Carly made it super easy… they are obviously crazy for each other and seem to just snuggle into each other so easily. Here’s a preview of their engagement session.

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Caryn & Nick ~ Engagement Session

I met with Caryn & Nick this week for their engagement session at Rockwood Conservation Area. It was a perfect evening for a shoot, and we finished off with a bang when a firetruck rolled in to let off some water. I love that Caryn & Nick jumped at my suggestion to run over and make a photo of it!

Caryn & Nick will be married in June 2015 and will celebrate their wedding at Copetown Woods Golf Club. Can’t wait!! Here’s a peek into their engagement session:)


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Jessica Vanderweerd - Aw love these pics! Beautiful!!

Clara - I love these pics!! (And your dress:) )

Danielle Stubbe - Love these pictures Nick & Caryn! Great job Andrea :)

Aaron - Very nice!

Patricia Koppelaar - beautiful pictures nick and caryn :)

Caryn - Thanks guys;) and thankyou Andrea!:D

Kevin & Katie’s Wedding in the Woods ~ June 28, 2014 ~ Kortright Centre, Woodbridge Ontario

There’s a distinct characteristic about Katie & Kevin’s personalities. I think I’m best to phrase it as the best of goofiness and the most sarcastic sense of humor. Katie’s facial expressions can move you into stitches in an instant, and Kevin’s genuine expressions in laughter are joyful to watch. They are so great to spend time with and so entertaining to listen to and witness.

These two met through friends and found an instant attraction to each other after their first encounter meeting each other up a Kevin’s family cottage. It’s a bit of a dramatic and romantic story actually… a Prince Charming, better known as Ranger Kevin rescued Katie & Aimee in his boat from their broken down Seadoo in the middle of the lake. After the rescue was complete, Katie and Aimee were invited to a camp fire at Kevin’s family’s cottage and later that evening they spent some time getting to know each other at the end of the dock while staring out at the stars. The rest is history as they say :).

Needless to say, Katie & Kevin love spending time in the outdoors. They love cottaging, camping, hiking, but this cottage is a very special spot for them… eventually, Kevin would ask Katie to marry him there. What an amazing, unique and beautiful wedding Katie & Kevin had up at the Kortright Centre in Woodbridge Ontario. It was the perfect venue for them. Cozy, woodsy, entirely outdoors, hosted a campfire and s’more section in the later hours of the evening, and we were completely blessed with the most beautiful weather too!

I am so very grateful for being chosen to photograph this stunning day, but even more for being able to meet Kevin & Katie and get to know them and all the quirky, fun-loving personality traits. So sorry I wasn’t able to get this post up for you guys last week while we were away – we had terrible wi-fi and it just wasn’t happening :(. Hope scanning though these images is worth the wait though…. I know you are busy enjoying your honeymoon in Thailand, but hoping you’ll get a chance to peek in soon :). So much love to both of you, Andrea.CCG__379CCG__384CCG__389CCG__391CCG__399CCG__404CCG__405CCG__407CCG__414CCG__413CCG__415CCG__426CCG__435CCG__438CCG__441Please click the “Play” button below to see a slideshow of Katie & Kevin’s Kortright Centre Wedding in the Woods.

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Stacy Squires Photography - what a perfect setting … beautiful photos

Julia & Johnny ~ Niagara Wedding Photography ~ June 27, 2014

We had such a great day photographing Julia & Johnny’s wedding in Niagara this past weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect. Blue skies, sunshine, and big puffy clouds:)We met Julia at her parents stunning home in St. Catharines and then whipped around the corner to get some photos at the church. How convenient that the church was only 2 minutes away!! After the ceremony we took a drive out to St. David’s for some photos and eventually made our way back to Legends on the Niagara Golf Course for a few more photos in the fields. Julia and Johnny were then freed up by us to enjoy the rest of their evening:)

One element that I just love about this wedding is that Julia’s gorgeous and unique wedding gown was hand made by her mother. Not only that, but her mother also made her veil, and the girls bridesmaids dresses, as well as her sister’s dresses! This is one talented woman! It was such a pleasure to meet and work with this lovely family as well and Johnny’s family. I was especially impressed at how well the children cooperated with the family photos. These families encase a lot of kiddos, and to get a shot with Julia and Johnny with all of them – well, I was impressed!

Johnny & Julia, thank you so much for this sweet experience of sharing in your perfect wedding day. We had so much fun and really loved all the personal little details, and especially your beautiful flowers! I hope you have an amazing honeymoon and I wish you only the very best in the bright future ahead!



Please click the “Play’ button below to see a slideshow of Julia & Johnny’s wedding day.

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Amanda & Sean ~ Sandhill Park Engagement Photos ~ June 23, 2014

Amanda says Sean has all the luck with these sorts of things… you know, like when it starts raining on the way to your engagement session and your tempted to cancel the entire shoot because it’s calling for a good chance of thunderstorms later. I called Amanda on the way (of course I pulled over on the side of the road before picking up my phone), but I didn’t know if they would want to go for it with the sprinkling water drops coming down. Amanda assured me that it was looking better towards our destination of Sandhill Park, and with Sean’s good luck, well it was unanimous – we were gonna go for it! I’m so glad we did. Not only did the rain hold off, but we were blessed with the softest, most beautiful sky with the area being filled by overcast light – a Photographer’s dream. The massive hills of light sand made for a perfect warm reflector of the light and I was one happy girl! Not to mention that Sean & Amanda are so sweet and perfect together, and they have such a fresh, youthful glow about them… and Amanda’s hair – LOVE this perfect beachy hair of hers so much that it makes me want to grow my long hair back!

Sean & Amanda have been together for 11 years, which I think means they started dating when they were 10 *teeheehe :). I love that these two both grew up in Port Dover area, but never really crossed paths. The day they finally did there was immediate chemistry and a charming love story began.

Sean & Amanda, I had such a great time photographing you guys and just feel in love with the location too! You two make the perfect couple – so excited for the wedding!



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Mary Cunningham - I’ve known these two since they were todlers, they were and still are both sweeties, I love them!!!!

Anne McLeod - Such beautiful pictures. It’s true that Sean is always lucky , things just seem to turn out his way. However., he really struck gold when he found Amanda, she has helped to keep him grounded. Together they have grown into two wonderful people, We are so proud of you both!! Love mom and dad mcleod