I met with Nevada & Jesse Monday night here on the Port Dover beach for their engagement session. I have to be honest and say I was super excited (and even just a little bit nervous too) to work with some challenging lighting conditions as Nevada & Jesse were looking for a candlelight engagement session. At this time of day, the lighting is constantly changing and it seemed that within just minutes there was no natural light left! However, the candlelight idea seems perfectly fitting for them though because they are planning on a candlelight wedding ceremony for August 2015. It’s great to get the same feel in their engagement photos.

I love how snuggly these two are. Nevada brought along a couple of cozy blankets and even thought it was a mild evening in October, when you’re out on the beach with the brisk winds and if’s after dark, well let’s just say they were loving snuggling up in those blankets!! Nev & Jesse also brought out some sparklers, so were were able to take a few shots with those too! It was so fun getting to work with these guys! And a special thanks to Abby for making it down to be on candle patrol and sparkler lighting – we seem to really like to play with fire these days LOL!

Nev & Jesse, thanks for your patience on Monday! I really enjoyed the evening and hope you guys were able to get warm not too long after we wrapped up :)!


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It was so great to photograph Cam & Melissa this past week. We met at Quance Dam in Delhi and were sorely disappointed with the lack of fall colour, so we took a few photos and then went on the hunt… the hunt for more fall colours LOL! Who would have guessed that we would ended up pretty much in Cam & Melissa’s backyard :). Cam and Melissa are such a great couple… they melt into each other so naturally! Eeeekkk… so excited to shoot their wedding! I love that they brought along their puppy for the engagement session. Marley is a bundle of energy and loved running around and eventually got a little swim in too:)

Here’s a peek into their ‘colourful’ Fall engagement session…


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  • Marshall & Kathleen Ricker - How wonderfully you have captured the inside and outside beauty of Cameron and Melissa! Super proud parents. Love, Dad and Mom xx

  • Sarah Wiens - Beautiful. Just beautiful! Love you xo

  • Angela Morog - These photos tooky breath away! You are a very lucky couple to have found each other. Xo

What a great time to get some gorgeous Fall photos! I met Alana & Mike yesterday right here in Port Dover for their engagement session. Although Alana was concerned there might not be much colour left on the trees, I did some secret scouting before the shoot and found a few perfect spots full of the Autumn feel! Alana & Mike will be married in September 2015 and I’m pumped to be a part of their day. Here are a few photos from our session yesterday!


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  • Alyssa McKinley - Beautiful Pictures!!!!! The colours look amazing :)

  • Paulina - i love the leaves!!! great pictures!

It was a brisk Autumn day on October 18th, 2014 in Cambridge. Shelby & a lovely group of beautiful ladies were arriving back from the salon while I began photographing all the perfect and meaningful details that Shelby had incorporated into her wedding day, The thought that she and her family had put into keeping the little details personal is heartwarming. There was her grandfather’s pin, another grandfather’s handkerchief, the handmade sash/belt made from her mothers wedding dress, her sister’s incredible talent in hand making all the bouquets and floral arrangements. The entire feel of Shelby & Kevin’s wedding was simple, yet enchanting. I so enjoyed photographing this day.

Shortly after leaving Shelby, we met Kevin at the Cambridge Mill where he sat casually with a group of gentlemen and his sister, Lindsay, who was standing in as a grooms’ maid’ :). This group is full of personality and totally had me confused over who was Max and who was Matt. I’m pretty sure they were enjoying themselves at my expense as I repeatedly struggled with this LOL!

Watching Shelby approach the chapel through the windows was so sweet. She looked so joyful and beautiful with her gorgeous smile shining ear to ear while the wind tousled her layers of gown around. Kevin’s smile was just as big. I think I may have even sooted a tear coming to the corner of his eye :). The Cambridge Mill wedding was spectacular. The chapel is gorgeous and charming, the reception room was breathtaking and the staff was so easy and helpful to work with. I enjoyed this entire experience so much… and how could you not when your working with a couple like Kevin & Shelby. They are fun-loving, easy-going, and seriously love to have fun. Shelby and her girls laughed continuously all day, and Kevin group of groomsmen (and one grooms-maid), were full of shenanigans :). The day flew by and before I knew it were were exchanging hugs and saying goodnight:(

Shelby & Kevin, I just love you guys to pieces!! We had such  great time on Saturday, and I’ve loved re-living the day through some photos for this post. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have:)



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  • Andrea - Photographed this beautiful wedding this weekend at the Cambridge Mill :)

Keri & Amanda contacted me many month ago about photographing their wedding in August 2015. I met the two of them and was thrilled to find out that they are part of one of my favourite families… the Abare’s :). Lindsay & Joey have a special place in my heart and both their families too. These are people that are truly loving, genuinely kind and accepting, and immediately make you feel like you are a part of their family. After meeting Keri & Amanda, it was pretty obvious that they came from this brilliantly sweet group of people.

Keri & Amanda wanted their engagement photos taken on Keri’s family farm just outside of Norwich and when I arrived, I could see why. I wish this was my place… I would never leave to photograph anywhere else. Acre’s upon acres of lush fields and bright colours, old barns and broken down old vehicles gave us an assortment of options that seemed to be never-ending. We also had to make a quick stop at a baseball field as these two are avid baseball fans and Keri used to play a bunch at this particular field. It seems only fitting that she proposed to Amanda using a custom made baseball that oped up to house an engagement ring :).

Keri & Amanda, I loved working with you this past week. Looking so forward to celebrating love with you in August 2015 at Cranberry Creek Gardens!

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  • Amanda Oliveira - I apsolutley love them! You did such a great job, I enjoyed taking them. Can’t wait for the wedding.