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Amanda & Sean ~ David’s Restaurant, Port Dover Wedding ~ September 13, 2014

It was so much fun photographing Amanda and Sean’s wedding this past Saturday. Although the day started off a little damp, when we walked into Sean’s parents house in Port Dover in the late morning the sun began to peek through the clouds we were certain that the rain would be gone and we were in for a fabulous and beautiful sunny day. I was somewhat shocked to find out that the guys still went out golfing in the morning despite the showers! These dudes are hard-core for their golf!

Sean and Amanda were married in picturesque and perfect lakefront ceremony at David’s Restaurant in Port Dover. The breathtaking skies combined with warm temperatures made for the perfect wedding ceremony. Amanda walked down that aisle and the world seemed to stop. She is so beautiful, and her big heart and loving personality seems to shine even more. Sean was in awe… it was easy to see (and I think it probably always has been) how in love he is with Amanda.

We were able to get a variety of incredible shots throughout the day but starting out at David’s Restaurant and then venturing to the outskirts of Port Dover for a couple unique locations. And then came the reception… the hall was decorated beautifully as it always is when Lakeside Floral is in charge. Alice is a decor and floral genius! It wasn’t long after the arrival that the fun began… I seriously found myself laughing so hard that I cried. The speeches were one of a kind… Specifically the best man’s speech where his clothes seemed to dissipate as his speech went on. In 10 years of photographing weddings this is the first time I’ve had someone remove their clothing during the reception and even before the dancing!! It is definitely a moment I will never forget.

Amanda and Sean are a beautifully in love couple that have been together for over a decade. Simply stated, they are just meant to be and it was evident to their friends and family from the very beginning. Their families are filled with the most heartwarming, kind, and genuine people. They are so very loved! It was such an honor to celebrate this day with them.

Here is a peek into this fabulous wedding day that I will never forget:)


Please click the “Play” button below to see a slideshow of more of Sean & Amanda’s wedding day.

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Lana & Nick ~ Paletta Mansion Engagement Photos

I had the chance to photograph at one of my favourite locations last week. I love Paletta Mansion… it offers an array of backdrops and endless shooting areas with beauty everywhere from the architectural feel of the mansion to the gorgeous lakefront view and then there is the natural landscapes throughout.

Lana & Nick met me there on Thursday for golden hour – my favourite time of the day to photograph people in love :). The warm glow of the sun and the strong saturated sunsets make me a little weak in the knees! I loved getting to know Lana & Nick – they are so naturally happy together and it made my job super easy. I can’t wait for their big day in June 2015!

Here’s a peek into their engagement session!



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Laura & Steve ~ Rare Slit Barn Wedding Cambridge ON ~ August 31, 2014

It was Christmas morning. Laura sat on the window sill in her and Steve’s house chatting with her mom about the morning, what she got for Christmas and so on. He mom pressed about whether there was any chance of a proposal over the holidays to which Laura answered no. As far as she could see the gift exchange was done so it looked unlikely. But when Laura and her mother finished up on the phone, Steve handed her one final Christmas gift. When she opened it she was confused to see a bridal magazine. It was then that Steve got down on one knee and asked Laura to marry him. Laura, of course, said yes!

Laura and Steve were married at the Ryerson United Church in Ancaster and they celebrated their wedding reception at the Rare Slit Barn in Cambridge. I’ve never been to the Rare Stlit Barn, but it was just the perfect venue for Laura and Steve’s rustic country wedding. We were so blessed to have a beautiful (and HOT!) day regardless of the potential of thundershowers all day in the forecast. We were able to get some beautiful photos at Steve’s grandfather’s farm just outside of Ancaster.

Laura & Steve, thank you so much for making me a part of your beautiful wedding day! We had such a great time spending the day with you and your friends and family :). Hope you’re having a great week of relaxation after the big event and I look forward to hearing about the rest of your evening soon!


Press “Play” below to see a slideshow of Laura & Steve’s wedding day!

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lisa oakes - just stunning…

Stacy Squires Photography - beautiful photos… you choice of backdrops was perfect

Andrea - Thanks so much Stacy!

Kristen & Brad ~ Grand Olympia Wedding Photography ~ August 30, 2014

Kristen & Brad got married on the 6th anniversary of their first kiss :). It was this past Saturday and the sun was shinning with some whisky clouds and welcomed cool breezes from time to time. A perfect storybook wedding day for a perfect couple. A few did-bits of random and funny information about Kristen & Brad that I just have to share were stolen from the back of their wedding program. Sorry guys! These are too funny to keep to ourselves!! Brad is secretly addicted to sour patch kids. Kirsten will never eat pie. Brad has ridden a camel. Kristen can’t sleep with the closet door open. Brad can imitate almost any accent. Kristen will watch the TV Guide channel for hours. Brad ate a live caterpillar when he was three. Kristen won’t of to bed unless she gets tucked in. Brad drinks hot sauce right from the bottle. Kristen won’t eat food if it touches other food. Brad ate an entire box of cinnamon toast crunch in one sitting… family size. Kristen refuses to watch horror movies.

Kristen & Brad were married at the Grand Olympia on August 30, 2014 in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the Grand Olympia‘s gardens. We were then able to make a quick escape down the road to Puddicombe Farms Estate Winery for some photos before beginning the evening’s celebration with their family and friends. Brad and Kristen were introduced into the hall with pumping music, fireworks and a standing ovation of course. The venue was beautifully decorated and lit and the Grand Olympia did an amazing job as always servicing this gorgeous couple.

Brad & Kristen, I had such a great time with you at your wedding this past weekend. I am so grateful for being a part of this day and was so happy to run into your family again Kristen! Much love to you and I’ll be in touch soon!


Please click the “Play” button to see a slideshow of Kristen & Brad’s wedding day below. (Be patient – it may take a moment to load)

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Jaime & Mark ~ Beach Engagement Session

I had such a nice time getting to know Jaime & Mark better this week. This gorgeous couple will be tying the know in November and I already know it’s going to be one epic party.  I’ve been so honoured to photograph friends of Jaime’s at their wedding a little more than a year ago, and am so excited to see some of my favourite people again at the wedding in November at the Grand Olympia.

Mark and Jaime are a super sweet couple that are very natural together, and exceedingly happy you may notice. The two of them love coming down to Port Dover and figured this was a great spot for them to have their engagement photos especially since there is some sentimental value to Port Dover for Jaime. She used to spend oodles of time here at her family trailer in the summers, her grandfather lived here, and she was even christened at one of the churches here in Port Dover. Seemed like a perfect place for some photos that will signify the beginning of this new phase in her and Mark’s life :).

Here is peek into their evening, waterfall, waterfront, beach, sunset, carousel engagement session! What a variety we can find in this wee little town!



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Coby - Jamie, you look beautiful as always! I am so happy for you and Mark! Best of luck!

Joanne Macdonald - Our kids, Jaime & Mark, as they celebrate their deep love for one another in a story expressed through these beautiful photos taken in Port Dover, Ontario by Splash Photography.
These photos are a prelude leading up to the memorable day when these two precious hearts will be joined as husband and wife on November 1, 2014.
Congratulations so far as your lives progress together. We are thrilled for both of you.
With all our love and wishes for happiness as you continue your lives together!
Mama and Daddy Mac (and Abigail Leigh, of course). xxxxxx