You may recall seeing photos of Kathleen and Mark recently for their maternity photo shoot. It was only 2 days later that they welcomed this beauty, Adalyn into the world. An absolutely perfect, squishy cheeked, snuggly little girl. Adeline was so good for her newborn photos, but I definitely also have to mention Chelsea, the best behaved dog I have met! Chelsea is smitten with the family’s newest addition and so, so very gentle and cautious around her. We were able to get a few photos with Chelsea… one in particular that I would not normally try for, but Mark was confident in Chelsea’s ability to stay calm and snuggle right into baby Adalyn. I was so impressed with her!

Here is a peek into our newborn session with Adalyn. Thanks so much for making the trip from Burlington Mark & Kathleen. It was absolutely my pleasure to photograph your brand new baby girl this week.


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Amanda & Brandon are expecting a little girl in the coming weeks and I was so thrilled to see them for some baby bump photos in the studio this past week. Could it be a Valentine’s Day baby? It’s not the official due date, but I think they may be hoping with all this red decor :). I just love it!

So excited for you guys and can’t wait to meet your little princess!


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Kathleen, Mark & Chelsea were patiently awaiting the arrival of the family’s newest addition when they came to have their maternity photos taken. The truth is that they almost ended up not making this session as there was a possibility that labour would be induced the day prior to our scheduled photo session. Luckily, baby Smid was patient enough to wait a couple more days before making HER grand entrance into this world.

And as I write this post, I can announce that Kathleen & Mark welcomed their baby girl yesterday in the early morning. I’m so glad we managed to sneak this session in just in the nick of time :).  I’m so honoured to see Mark & Kathleen at this special time in their lives, and that they travelled from their home in Burlington to have their maternity photos taken with me. After shooting their wedding in 2014, I’ve definitely got a soft-spot for these two. On Saturday, they brought their super-duper, well behaved (and adorable) pup, Chelsea to visit me in the studio for their maternity session. Only 2 days later their little girl arrived and I just can’t wait to meet her next week for her newborn photo shoot!

Congratulations on the arrival of your sweet little girl Kathleen & Mark!


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Last week I photographed Evelyn at just over 4 weeks old. Little Miss E was very interested in the photo shoot and did not want to sleep much. Mommy’s patient walking around the studio helped to soothe Evelyn to sleep for a brief period of time, but not for too long. Jen & Graham may have their hands full with an absolutely beautiful (and just a wee bit stubborn) little girl here. We definitely got lots of expressive wide-eyed photos of this adorable little girl :).


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  • Jen &Graham - Thank you for being so patient with us, these are beautiful.
    Looking forward to seeing them all !
    Graham, Jen, and Evelyn

It was Ellie, Caitlin & Mike’s daughter, that officially popped the question to Caitlin in a sweet gesture with her Daddy in December 2014. A few simple words “Mommy, will you marry Daddy?”. Caitlin’s response, of course, was “Yes!”. And here we were on this beautiful January day in London Ontario celebrating an absolutely perfect union at Bellamere Winery & Event Centre.

Although Mike & Caitlin have been together for many years now, they seemed to be completely fulfilled on this day celebrating with their family and friends. Their children, Ellie & Jase were filled with excitement and lots of enthusiasm throughout the day knowing that this day would mark such a special memory for all of them. Every detail of the day was superb, and perfectly planned in a joint effort by both Mike & Caitlin’s mothers who worked so hard to make their vision come to reality.

Caitlin & Mike, thank you so much for giving us the honour of sharing in this beautiful winter wedding at Bellamere Winery in London. The day was perfect and so beautiful!


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