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Kelly’s ‘Sex In The City’ Themed Bridal Shower Photos

A couple of weeks back I photographed Kelly’s “Sex in the City” themed bridal shower. It was held at her parent’s beautiful home in Burlington and the group of ladies involved were a riot! I don’t photograph these bridal showers often enough… I forgot how entertaining and hilarious they can be. Here is a little peek into a few of the themed details and a few key moments:)Each guest had to sign in as one of the “Sex in the City” characters and then were entered into a “Best Dressed” contest. Kelly’s mom also arranged for Kelly to be edited into a few photos of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha & Miranda and the photos streamed on the flat screens around the house while the shower was taking place. Lots of creativity here!




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Lyndsay & Tim ~ Mayan Riviera Destination Wedding ~ April 1, 2014

It was one week ago today. I woke in paradise and stretched my arms high feeling the beauty of this place we’ve been staying in. I knew the day had a full and busy agenda for me, but seriously… who gets to have a job like this?!! I’m seriously so blessed! I’ve found myself boarding a plane a few days earlier and on-route to the beautiful Mayan Riviera, a location I’ve yet to visit, but oh so highly recommend! It all came to through this amazing girl Lyndsay, and her charismatic fiancé Tim when they contacted me about a year ago now to ask if I would come with them to photograph their dream wedding in Mexico.

Let’s just say that its a request that’s not easily refused. I know Lyndsay and her family… I photographed her sister’s wedding a few years back now, I know that this family is incredibly kind and loving, and that Lyndsay and her friends really know how to have a lot of fun, and I could feel the energy and excitement through the phone when talking to Lyndsay. Even though I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting Tim just yet, it was clear that this was going to be the trip of a lifetime.

Upon arrival to the gorgeous resort, Grand Sunset Princess & Grand Riviera Princess All Suites in Mayan Riviera, I fell in love over and over and over again as I toured the grounds and just found awesome beauty everywhere. The water was deep turquoise, the sky bright blue, the sand hot & white and it slipped through my toes, and the water so fresh and clean. I really don’t think Tim & Lyndsay could have picked a more beautiful place to be married. And then to find out that they brought along 100 of their closest friends and family members!! 100 people traveling to Mexico for a destination wedding!!! I think that says it all really – how loved these two are that this many people followed and took a week away from their lives, their jobs, the family, etc. to celebrate this momentous week-long event.

The energy and joy that stems right from the inside of Tim & Lyndsay is contagious. You can’t help but want to be around them. I have to mention that I never saw this couple, or their group of friends slow down the entire week. They were high energy, full of life, partied and partied and made some amazing memories. It was so sweet to be a part of this gift of a wedding celebration, to share it with friends and to reconnect with friends from the past. Tim & Lyndsay… I am forever grateful for this experience. Chad and I had an amazing time with you both and are loving reliving the wedding through the photos. So without further ado, please take a moment or two to enjoy them here yourself. There are many more still to come, but this if a good preview for now. Much love to both of you and all the very best in the bright future ahead!



Please click the “Play” button below to see a slideshow of Tim & Lyndsay’s beautiful destination wedding in Mexco. (Be Patient. It may take a moment to load).

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What the Flash Workshop Review

I spent the day Friday learning. It’s one of my favourite things to do honestly:)  I love to learn and constantly challenge myself especially where photography is concerned. I feel like there’s always room to improve and I yearn for more dynamic and dramatic images all the time. From the first time I saw Bob & Dawn Davis’ photography work I was in love with the dynamic colours, the lighting and the overall moodiness of their final product. This is the type of imagery I always have wanted to produce. I think I’m getting closer to my goals all the time, but spending some time with Bob Davis and Stephen Eastwood on Friday, and actually have a chance to work with them one on one was an opportunity that I will forever be grateful for. I would definitely recommend the “What the Flash” workshop!

I’ve wanted to get myself an ice light or two for quite a while not… after shooting with them at the workshop I might just have to take the plunge! This was a sweet set-up that gave the close appearance to a flash ring in the eyes of the models. Loved these models by the way. The sweetest, funniest people. We laughed and laughed and had so much fun with them!






There were lots of shooting set-ups throughout the workshop. I loved that they had a set put together very similar to that of my home studio’s lighting set up. I took a behind the scenes shot here, but since I’m pretty familiar with these lights on my own I didn’t spend a lot of time shooting here.


I fell in love with the backdrop tricks that Stephen Eastwood showed us. This is such a simple backdrop, but the way it’s lit makes it phenomenal. This lady here, Dani, was so amazingly beautiful and stuck it out all night with us even though she had just gotten over the stomach flu the day before. Loved her!


And another lighting trick from Stephen Eastwood. His photography focus is predominantly fashion and beauty. He has so many tricks for dramatic complimentary lighting of his models.


And then… my favourite… playing with off camera flash!!! YAY!! Always so much fun. We had a blast changing up the colours with some gels and dynamically lighting these shots. Bob Davis is definitely a master of off camera flash!




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Modern Beauty & Boudoir :: Happily Every After

Here is just one photo from a private session I photographed this week for a very special lady. She will be getting married this year and is looking forward to surprising her husband to be with some gorgeous photos of her. Thanks to my girl Lara for doing a fabulous job on hair and makeup for this session. Hoping to share some more once the big day has come and gone, but this sneaky little peek is all I can share for now:)

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” ~ Steve Maraboli


Splash Photography offers boudoir, and modern glamour photography in Haldimand and Nofolk County. Our clients come from Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara, Brantford and beyond for modern beauty and boudoir sessions.

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Kerrie ~ Fitness Photos

Things have been a little quieter on the blog here than usual… sorry about that! With having both kiddies home over the March break I have had a difficult time coming up with any spare time to get some posts up. I’m hoping to make up for it this week. The last couple of weeks have been filled with beauty sessions, Zachary’s first birthday, an amazing photography workshop, and a fitness session…. enter Kerrie:)

Kerrie and I go way back… like more years than I’d care to say actually. We actually went to high school together and although Kerrie was one year older than I was (sorry Kerrie – just have to make that point here) we definitely connected often through the same circles of friends. It was great to get to see her always smiling face more often again when Chad and I made the move to Port Dover. She, her hubby, and their boys had settled in Dover a while back as well. Now our boys go to school together – although my Lucas is (you guessed it!) one year younger than Kerrie’s little guy:)

Kerrie recently asked me to take a few photos for her new website that I believe in is the works as we speak www.trainwithkerrie.com. This girl will whip you into shape – take it from me!! She is packed full of knowledge and a great motivator. I’ve been so lucky to be able to train with her over the past year or so.

We piggy-backed this photo session onto a Modern Beauty/Boudoir session. Stay tuned for a little sneak peek into some of the gorgeous beauty photos coming up later this week on the blog.




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