I’ve been dying to get some images us from Heather and Burtons spectacular lakeside backyard wedding here in Port Dover from this past Saturday. Finally, I have sorted through the thousands of images we took the day of to pull out some of my favorites. I may have gone a little crazy here, but I found it so hard to narrow down because Heather and Burton are that kind of couple that you simply just can’t get enough of. So even if it comes to just photos of this enthusiastic and kind couple, I still just can’t seen to get enough!

Heather and Burton met through mutual friends back when they were attending Wilfred Laurier University. Many of the gang from Laurier were there to celebrate this awesome occasion. The enthusiasm and laughter happening during this backyard party was simply the best.

Heather and Burton are a pretty laid back couple and I think that was reflected so well though their wedding. The day was seriously just fun, for everyone. When I think back and review the moments I really feel an endless list comes to mind of all the items I loved about this day… the thoughtful seating cards describing each guest and their relationship to the bride and groom including a photo of the guest, the DIY array of decor that Heather and her team (ehmmm Emily!) put together for the day, the first look between Heather & Burton, the laughter, the girls decision to jump into a stream mid-day, the ‘Mangoni’ game (Sp?), the insanely awesome Maid of Honour Speech that would have made Taylor Swift herself jealous (Cassie you ROCK!), and the list goes on…

So, needless to say this wedding was an experience that Abby & I will never forget. A brilliant day that was simply true to the couple that was being celebrated. I’m not sure how to properly thank you Heather and Burton for allowing us access to this one of a kind event. We are so smitten with you and your amazing friends and family. Loved every moment of it and missing the two of you already! Much love to the whole gang and many, many thanks:)

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I’m a bit behind on my blog posts right now, but have been excited to share a few photos from Lacey & Kyle’s engagement session from last week. This sweet couple that is madly in love will be married this coming November and I’m so lucky to be able to take their photos on the big day. I can’t wait to spend more time with them :). And yes, they are truly as adorable in real life as they look in the photos.


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How sweet it was to finally meet and share in Chantal & Ryan’s wedding day! After multiple text conversations and phone conversations in which we discussed the details of this sweet Niagara wedding, I was honoured to share this day with Ryan, Chantal and their lovely children. The bringing together of their lovely little ones into a new family was so beautiful.

It was so important to Chantal and Ryan that those people at the wedding enjoyed their day. They wanted everyone to feel comfortable and to see how beautiful their relationship is. They especially wanted the kids to see this and to feel the amount of love that is shared for them. The Casablanca Winery Inn was filled with people that have encouraged and supported Chantal and Ryan in their lives. I think that many beautiful memories were created this day for all the families involved.

Chantal and Ryan, thank you so much for welcoming us into your lives for this momentous day. We are honoured to have met and shared in this beautiful family union with you!




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  • Chantal - I have looked at these pictures so many times and I can’t wait to see the rest. I love them so much. They bring me right back to those beautiful moments on the very best day!

I’ve been lucky to spend some time out at Backus Mill on a couple of occasions recently, one of which was an engagement session with Patrick & Kathryn who will be tying the knot in September 2016. We had a perfect evening for a photo session at Backus Mill, perfect couple, perfect light, beautiful couple… what else could I ask for!?

Here’s a little peek into Kathryn & Patrick’s recent engagement session:)


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