Quirky is the word Jenielle used to describe her and Billy as a couple, and after spending time with them taking their engagement photos at Paletta Mansion this week, I definitely understand. Genial & Billy are constantly laughing and goofing around with each other. They are a playful, funny and, well… quirky couple. They just like to keep things light. Although I’m sure they have a more serious side, it really isn’t on the forefront. You see them with each other and you just want to watch them have fun together. It’s fantastic!

I’m so looking forward to photographing Jenielle & Billy’s wedding next year in June! Loved working with them on this engagement shoot at Paletta and know we will have a great time on the wedding day for sure:)

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She loves cooking, has a twin sister, is incredibly loved by her family, and can calm a room with her gorgeous smile. He’s shy, confident, loves riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, and is incredibly proud daddy to Avery. Elannda & Jeff are completely different in some ways, and in others are much alike. One things is for sure…. they are the perfect match for each other and they make very beautiful children…

Enter Avery.

Avery is 1 and is ready to whip this world into shape! She’s got personality that will keep you on your toes, and a smile (much like her mothers) that is entirely captivating. Seeing her in the most beautifully unique flower girl dress I have seen to date, was absolutely breathtaking. Cutest thing ever!!! We could not get enough of Jeff & Elannda’s little Avery!

Friday August 21, 2015 was a simply beautiful day. The wedding of Elannda & Jeff of course, but also the temperature was perfect, the sun was shining, the grounds are gorgeous at Woodside Greens Golf Club for a wedding… I even got to catch up with a few people I haven’t seen for a while :). I couldn’t have asked for much more!

Thank you so much Elannda & Jeff for allowing me to be a part of this special day for not only the two of you, but little Avery as well. Abby & I fell deeply in love with your little angel :)!

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  • Linda Dietrich - Outstanding photography. All the pictures are absolutely beautiful.


It’s pretty much impossible not to fall in love with Emily & Kyle… These two have the most amazing connection with each other and their SOOO fun to be around, and to photograph. I am one lucky girl to have the opportunity to share in their engagement session and wedding next year. I had such a great time at the beach in Long Point for this beautiful sunset session. Emily and Kyle are definitely one of the most irresistible couples I have ever worked with! I’m smitten:)


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Keri & Amanda were married this past Saturday at Cranberry Creek Gardens. Emotions ran high as Amanda & Keri would walk the long garden aisle to the porch of the beautiful white church (I may have even had a few tearful moments throughout the day). Keri & Amanda have waited a while to celebrate this day together. Their love for each other would out shine the sun,even on one of the hottest days of the year.

It was so great to re-unite with so many lovely people at this wedding… Joe, Linda & Jessie, Lindsay, Joey, and my BFF Kane… I’m feeling so blessed to have been able to be there.

After taking some photos at the beautiful gardens at Cranberry Creek, we made our way back to Delhi where Amanda & Keri would celebrate with their family and friends.

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  • Nancy Latulippe - Beautiful pictures – always excited to see your work, but especially with this one as we decorated for this one and had a great relationship with Keri and Amanda. Great gals with big hearts – will surely miss these two.
    Amazing job, keep it up!!!

Oh where to start with Wes & Sarah… The two are definitely a perfect couple. Wes may be in the running for the most thoughtful groom ever, and Sarah is one of the most beautiful and laid back brides with a smile that lights the entire room. Wes was sure to plan for ongoing deliveries of the perfect little notes personally written by himself. These notes would arrive to Sarah throughout the getting ready process by her bridesmaids and all were on custom stationary and handwritten by Wes. The notes even sported the bottom of Sarah’s wedding shoes professing his complete love for her. The final note (that I know of anyway) was hand delivered by Wes himself upon their first look at Balls Falls in Niagara.

Sarah had a vision of this incredible wedding at Balls Falls and I have to say that she pulled her vision off so impeccably. The venue was a perfect spot and the unending DIY wedding decor details added such a personalized feel to the ceremony and reception. Everything was so very well thought out and brought to fruition for the wedding day. Even despite a few sprinkles, the weather Gods were watching over Sarah and Wed and made sure that the skies cleared and the sun arrived in perfect timing.

It’s hard to believe that I didn’t have the chance to meet with Sarah & Wes prior to the wedding day! We skyped, texted, spoke on the phone and through email, but meeting them in person on the wedding day re-affirmed how awesome these two are fort each other. As soon as we stepped foot into Sarah’s hotel room in the morning we were immediately greeted and welcomed with her incredible, gracious smile and the energy-filled room was certainly contagious :).

I am so very grateful for this opportunity to work with such a lovely, loving couple. Wes and Sarah… after sharing in this special day and watching you exchange vows with each other, I am certain of a very bright future ahead for the two of you. I wish you all the very best in the years to come and am so thrilled to have been able to share in your beautiful Balls Falls wedding.

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