When the Walls Came Tumbling Down
Mike & Cassidy ~ Port Dover Engagement Photos
Amelie Chanda, Wellness Coach – Professional Brand & Business Head Shots
Kiera & Reid ~ Backstage Capital Wedding Celebration
Bailly & Mikey ~ Brantford Wedding Photography
Kayla & Michael ~ Norfolk County Wedding


I’m a Hamilton, Burlington & Niagara area Wedding Photographer with a passion for people in love. I yearn to capture the rawest moments of emotion, and strive to provide an honest experience that will leave clients feeling confident. Through gentle guidance, I will endure to preserve the hopefulness of life-long love through an authentic, joyful, timeless and trusted photography experience.
 I believe in people’s stories and their expressions of emotion, whether it be through the written word, or capturing this through the lens of my camera. I invest my heart into building authentic relationships because I am confident that this is where we truly find purpose and joy. I cherish those spontaneous moments that bring joyful tears, or belly-straining laughter, and when these moments happen in front of my lens I am elated.